We've been busy! 

Since our first post, we have added 4 new flavors! Purple, Lovestruck, Stretzel and Lineage. We are super excited for the new additions! 

We now offer customization on our Sample Pack! You can select 6 out of our 10 flavors to sample! If you want them all, you can order all 10! That's 4 additional 30ml bottles for $29.99 (7.50 each!)

We now offer 60ml sized bottles! The 60ml bottles are plastic unicorn bottles and are the perfect size! 

We also now have our list of retailers online. Please stop in and check us out in your local store if you can!  

We are also super excited that construction has begun on our new Red Cap HQ! The facility will feature a new ISO 7 lab, and is being built with ISO 9001 standards in mind!

Our Instagram is up and running @redcapjuice and we can be found on Facebook at Facebook.com/Redcapjuice 

We've done so much, and so much more is to come. We appreciate your support, and thank you for giving us a shot! 

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