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Introducing the Red Cap Modpod!

Yes, It is just a simple plastic tube. Sometimes the best things are the simplest. Why would you want a square plastic tube? To keep things organized!

Modpods can really help protect your expensive mechanical mods (or even your cheap ones) in a drop situation. It helps protect against dents, scratches and gouges while in storage. The Square shape will help to prevent your mods from rolling off the table when knocked over as well. While not 100% confirmed, We have a sneaking suspicion that your copper/brass mods will not patina as fast while being stored in them.  

As an added bonus for their versatility, you can store your atomizers in them as well. This will help prevent that inevitable juicy mess that gets everywhere eventually when you set down that old tank or atomizer. You also have the added protection against roll aways and drops as well, however we cannot promise that multiple attys inside the tube won't damage each other in a hard drop. Lastly, it's a good way to wrangle all of those attys in one place. 

Finally, If you do not have a fancy shmancy tool kit for your builds, the ModPod will keep all of your eyeglass screwdrivers, Allen wrenches, Little Blues and tweezers in one convenient package. (We've personally been using the same tube for over a year now for this reason and it's absolutely fantastic)

For their price, they could pay for themselves the very first time you drop your mod, use a roll of paper towels to clean up a juicy mess, or have to buy another one of those super hard to find allen wrenches because you lost your last one.


Included is one empty ModPod tube, and one Red Cap (Of course it's red!)

ModPods will fit mods up to 1.1" (27mm) in diameter, and 6" (152mm) in height. 

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