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On this page you will find some people who have reviewed Red Cap Juice Co! 

    We do not ask or pay for hyped up reviews. Here you will find uncut and honest reviews.  Everyone here has done a great job at explaining their experience good or bad.  Please keep in mind everyone has their personal preference and that flavor is subjective. Just because someone may not like a flavor, it doesn't mean you wont! 
If you hate Ice cream and someone asks you to review Ice cream, odds are you aren't going to have much good to say about that ice cream.

Anyways to the feature!

Vape Nerd full line review:



Wendy Vapes Reviews JFBG, Stretzel, Lovestruck and Gwen!

y33vape reviews Irish lass, Kingsman, Gwen, Limelight, BBW and JFBG: 


Full Metal Vapist reviews Lovestruck, Lineage, Stretzel, BBW and Gwen: 

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