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Limelight is a great Key Lime Pie. It's hard for to make it sound more tantalizing than that. Let's Try. Limelight is a well balanced flavor with a tangy lime up front with a quick creamy transition into a fantastic graham finish. Have you always wanted a Key Lime but every flavor you have tried has failed to deliver? You're not alone! I have heard this feedback from many customers who were reluctant to give it a try. Now I have a hard time prying the empty bottles from their hands, to replace them with full ones. Limelight is also a very popular flavor and an All Day Vape for many of our customers.

Limelight is very good as soon as you get it, however LimeLight steeps very well. If given the chance to steep for an additional 1-2 weeks, you will be asking for seconds.


*Please know that we do not claim our flavors to be Diacetyl nor Acetyl Propionyl free. We do take precautions to minimize the ingredients containing these, but we cannot claim to be free of them. If you are unsure of what we're talking about, PLEASE do your research. We believe that all E-liquid should be suspected to have traces of either or both unless specified by the manufacturer. Red Cap believes that being Tobacco free drastically outweighs the speculated risks of the presence of these ingredients. This is only based on opinion. however Red Cap Juice Co. feels it is necessary to disclose this information. It's YOUR choice, we are not going to omit ingredient information just to make a few dollars.  You will not find this type of notice from other manufacturers.

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