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Build your own Red Cap Juice Co. Sample pack! Select at least 3x 30ml bottles (Up to 10!).

Each flavor you select will be in a 30ml bottle. Duplicate selections may be combined into larger bottles when filling the orders.  

They are ready to vape and packaged in fine tipped squeezable bottles for absolute convenience. 

The Flavor profiles are:

Irish Lass- Super smooth Strawberry custard with a hint of Irish Cream. You can call her Strawberry Custard for short.

BBW- After a long night of drinking, I ended up with the BBW. Think of a fat kids' dream Blueberry Waffles, buttered and covered in fresh hot maple syrup.

JFBG-  Juicy, Fruity, Bubble Gum. Makes you want to chew a cloud. As close to Juicy fruit gum as I can get, without making you chew the gum.

Gwen- This Sh!t is bananas! Smooth bananas and vanilla custardy cream, with sugar cookie and gram. Think about that banana 'nilla wafer dish only your mom/grandma/wife knows how to make.

Kingsman- A classy as hell change of pace. Kentucky bourbon with coconut, notes of vanilla, brown sugar and almonds.

LimeLight-  Key Lime pie with custard and a Graham crust. Smooth and tangy with a nice graham finish.

Lineage- A sweet tobacco with honey roasted peanuts, pistachio and caramel creams.

Purple- Spot on Grape Soda. 

Lovestruck- A tropical blend with Pineapple, Apple, Passionfruit and a light melon.

Stretzel- A strawberry cheesecake on a pretzel crust.


Also, please note the bottles have changed! We are in the process of getting new photos for the website.

Ingredients: Vegetable glycerin (VG), propylene glycol (PG) and flavoring. May contain nicotine, diacetyl and/or acerytl propionyl. This product contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN. NOT INTENDED FOR MINORS, MUST BE OF LEGAL SMOKING AGE TO PURCHASE. 

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